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Koolova – Ransomware that decrypts your file if you read CyberSecurity articles

Ransomwares are one of the most popular malwares that spreads in the internet around the world today. This type of malware will encrypt all your files using a very strong encryption algorithm. But you can still recover your file, in exchange for something, like money (bitcoin), or you can infect someone so you can recover your files like the Popcorn Time.

Koolova is a new type of Ransomware discovered by a security researcher Michael Gillespie and reported by BleepingComputer. This ransomware will decrypt all your files for free. Well not, technically free. But it will decrypt your file if you read two Google CyberSecurity Article.

Once infected, this ransomware (Koolova) will encrypt all your files and then displays a warning screen with a text that tells the victim to open and read 2 articles before they can get their decryption key.

If the victim didn’t read the said article when the counter hits zero, all the encrypted files will be deleted forever and there is no way of recovering it.

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