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How to stop Chrome on eating up your RAM

I’m sure most of you are using Google Chrome browser for daily internet use. From reading knowledgeable articles to browsing cat images. But isn’t it annoying that the more you open new tab on your google chrome, the more your whole computer slows down? It’s because your other opened tabs on your google chrome browser are still running on the background and eating your computer memory.


Good thing there’s a browser extension that will help you reduce your browsers memory consumption.

The Great Suspender and One Tab are one of those extensions I’m talking about.

The Great Suspender will allow you to suspend the tab you are not using after a set number of minutes. This process will eliminate RAM usage for those tabs that are suspended. Thus, reducing memory consumption and your computer will have more RAM for other application. Also it will reduce battery usage. So if you are using a laptop, you will have more time surfing the internet without plugging in your charger.

While the One Tab will sucks up every open tab you have and list down the links of your opened tabs on one tab. This process will also eliminate memory and battery consumption since all your open tabs will be closed.

So now you can keep your Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, etc open without worrying that your computer will slow down, and access them again when ever you want.

BTW, I personally prefer The Great Suspender as it keeps tabs visible and accessible even when they aren’t active. 🙂

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